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Sonar is a avant-progressive, post-minimal band from Switzerland. Their name stands for SONic ARchitecture, which alludes to their intention of creating polymetric and highly structured sound sculptures. In 2012, they released their first CD A Flaw of Nature on Nik Bärtsch's Ronin Rhythm Records label as well as the four track EP Skeleton Groove and the digital live album Live at Bazillus. Cuneiform records released their second full-length CD Static Motion in 2014. Their third album Black Light was recorded and mixed by David Bottrill and released by Cuneiform in 2015 on CD and vinyl. Recommended by Henry Kaiser, the band asked David Torn to produce their next album Vortex. David and engineer D. James Goodwin arrived in Zürich on February 14th 2017. In the studio, it soon became clear that Sonar with David Torn was a winning combination and David ended up playing on every track. The album Vortex was released (on CD and vinyl) on March 30, 2018 by RareNoiseRecords. David Torn also blew some new energy into Sonar's live gigs and together, they played a few concerts in Switzerland and the USA. The concert on May 24, 2018 at Moods Jazz club in Zürich was recorded and released as "Live at Moods" by 7d Media on November 16, 2018.

Fusing a rigorous minimal esthetic with the power of a rock band, Sonar create sonic rituals unlike anything you have ever heard before. With their slow-build approach to dramaturgy and avoidance of conventional forms, they focus on collective group efforts and a deeper kind of interaction amongst their members Stephan Thelen (guitar), Bernhard Wagner (guitar), Christian Kuntner (electric bass) and Manuel Pasquinelli (drums).

It's music, but not like you know it. Just about everything is different with Sonar: the sound, the harmonies, the rhythms, the whole musical concept. Their instantly recognizable sound is partly due to the special tuning of the guitars and the bass guitar to tritones (C / F# / C / F# / C / F#), an interval sometimes called the "devil in music" ("diabolus in musica"). A large proportion of their music is played using only the natural harmonics of these two notes, thereby creating a harmonically ambiguous musical microcosmos that the group calls "tritone harmonics" and that avoids conventional musical clichés. The group's rhythms are also highly unconventional and usually consist of multi-layered polymetric rhythms and isorhythms in mainly odd metres.

Sonar's less-is-more approach is also mirrored in their choice of equipment: their music is always played live without any sequencers, loops or computers, using only two guitars, a bass guitar, three small amplifiers and a basic drum kit. They are just as comfortable playing in a small living room as on a big stage in front of 1000 people. Nearly effect-free (with just a touch of reverb), the band does this to keep the music as clear, direct and immediate as possible. Sonar does not consider itself or operate as a collection of soloists; rather, their efforts are oriented towards making the music more than the sum of the individual parts of the players.

By using unusual harmonies as well as complex and layered polyrhythms the group ultimately aims to let their listeners re-experience the mystery, power and magic of hearing music for the first time.

Q U O T E S :

"Woo hoo! Listening to the first David Torn mixes of the forthcoming Sonar with David Torn album (out early next year on RareNoise). You're all in for one hell of an album. This is one for the ages, people. The record will blow your socks off. Angular. Crunchy. Rocking. Swirling. Mental." (Anil Prasad, Innerviews, Facebook)

"An anti-hero's masterpiece ... a revolutionary shot across the bow ... an album that radically reinvents instrumental interplay ... with so many forms of contemporary music seemingly satisfied to simply regurgitate weary and weathered tropes, Sonar has defied the norm by crafting something singular and magical." (Jeff Miers, Static Motion review, The Buffalo News)

"Two guitar currents circulate and sparkle hypnotically, warm deep basslines hit with assertiveness and groove, drums pound with finesse and might. Luminous, alluring, dangerous....Sonar is a highly creative and original nocturnal entity constantly evolving in order to provide immersive and challenging instrumental music that stimulates the mind, body and soul." (Nocturnal Ghost, Sonic Exposure::Sonar, Igloo Magazine)

"This album is PHENOMENAL. What I love about this music is how meticulously composed it is and in no hurry to develop; morphing continuously, slowly and deliberately. The grooves, syncopation and harmony are superb (Tritone-tuned guitars!) and the initial melody on "Orbit 5.7" absolutely crushes me. "Black Light" is an undulating polyphonic, polyrhythmic and polymetric mass of texture and mood. It's subtle, sophisticated and inspired. I very highly recommend checking it out. Listen with headphones whenever possible. Listen again. And again. Repeated listening will deliver more gifts than you could hope to receive after simply one listen. Or one-hundred... (Matt Tate, Black Light Facebook review)

"Layered and interlocking polyrhythms shift, break apart and reform freely; leaving no way to discern figure from ground. The enveloping darkness renders the lack of a clear reference frame irrelevant, though. Minimalist prog rock that recalls King Crimson, but more subdued and more focused. Highly recommended." (Dillion Ethier, Bandcamp commentary on Black Light)

"The aural equivalent of watching a very fine Swiss escapement movement in action...this band are precision personified. This does not mean this album is devoid of atmosphere and has it; in spades. There is musical tension too and it feels illicit and covert in places. Things this good are usually banned!" (John Cratchley, Bandcamp commentary on Black Light)

"Lovely deep energy that is hidden in repetitive monotonous patterns and rythms, and melodic parts which suddenly appear in dense sound, drive me absolutely crazy ))) Hypnotising music!" (Olga Kivius, Bandcamp commentary on Black Light)

"I have been craving a new musical fix for a long time. These days we're too spoiled when it comes to the consumption of music and we all get in that place where we have thousands of great albums literally at our fingertips, but we're bored of it all. Black Light is the first exciting thing I've heard in a long time and I wonder why I hadn't heard Sonar a long time ago." (Lee Mason, Bandcamp commentary on Black Light)

"Best music that I stumbled upon in 2014. Thank you Guitar Player magazine. It's so fantastic that the synapses can still be mystified and truly excited after 50+ years of listening to virtually everything that I could get my ears on." (James Livy MacDonald)

"clean, obscure, straight forward, daring, minimal, hypnotic, attractive and unpretentious. Yet worked out close to clockwork-like perfection! " (

"The impossible record. Complex, minimal instrumental grooves that are so loping and locked in place that the slightest variation of articulation, the briefest solo, have monumental effect. Seventy minutes of watching the movement of the most beautifully made clock you've ever seen." (George Grella, Static Motion review, The Big City Blogspot)

"Directness, purity, asymmetry and, above all, transparency have always been important to me. The surface of the music is seemingly simple but the intricacy of detail and the combination of restraint and expressivity challenge the performer." (

" of the most exhilarating listens of 2014 thus far. Creating progressive rock without the presence of shifting effects and textures, their snake like harmonizing is a fascinating gift to the spectrum of modern rock music. There's a raw level of energy that resides within the fabric of the groups core, jolting out of very intricate rhythm and melodic patterns to project a non traditional sense of collective energy. Highly technical and expressive, this is some of the best rock music I have heard in years and the moments that become unhinged really add a depth to the albums entire flow that records of its kind lack." (Sound Colour Vibration, multi-media website)

"Had MC Escher made music instead of drawing his famously impossible and perplexing perspectives, it would sound like Sonar." (Sid Smith, Prog Magazine)

"With progressive rock experiencing a significant resurgence, Sonar remains a rare outfit looking ever forward, with unrelenting emphasis on the true meaning of the word "progressive." There may be no 'trons, epic songwriting or instrumental pyrotechnics, but Static Motion - a clear evolution of Sonar's core concepts first heard on A Flaw of Nature - is an album whose slow-build approach to dramaturgy, couched in intrinsic minimalism, reveals plenty more with each and every listen." (John Kelman, All About Jazz)

"Static Motion bewitches with unique sonic rituals that beautifully combine mystery and power... This quartet is not into empty technique displays and endless pointless solos. These guys are not here to show off or impress anybody. These guys are all about playing together as a crystallized unit that generates deadly wholes by equally combining its members' strengths. They don't outshine each other, they intensify each other." (Nocturnal Ghost, Igloo Magazine)

"So yeah, something of the cobra dance on Static Motion, a repeated ritual of exquisite symbiosis... Carefully picked harmonics ping against intricately chorded rhythmic runs, the patterns lively and ginger and fluid and utterly fascinating, especially when built on a throbbing monster bass and a proggy jazzy rock insistence of drum, as on the opening title track but really that alignment just about suits the album entire... That bass, it should be mentioned, is key to this project’s innate listenability, ploughing chest-rumbling furrows underneath each track and supplying the primal grounding that allows the rest of the structure to take whatever flight it must. The result, and in fact the necessary point of a work this delicately drawn, is balance, which Static Motion as a whole more than artfully maintains with the precision of the finest plate spinners risking stacks of expensive crystal at the ends of their wand. Fragile but sure, SONAR live on that fulcrum, and it’s that tension that gives at least this band’s brand of minimalism an unexpectedly nervous buoyancy, too perpetually on edge to be defined as anything resembling ‘relaxation music.’ The opposite of anodyne, in other words, and personally this year’s first truly exciting discovery." (Dave Cantrell, Caught in the Carousel)

"Every so often a band comes into our sights and completely blows us away... SONAR performs music in its purest form which results in spellbinding performances (that) create a bold but harmonically enjoyable musical cosmos. This is truly music as you've never experienced it before and a one of a kind musical performance." (The Capstone theatre, Liverpool UK)

"Album of the day: SONAR's A Flaw of Nature. This is a superb, ultra-deep minimalist groove record pulsing with dynamic energy and creative intrigue. SONAR stands for "Sonic Architecture" which is apt given the razor-sharp compositional focus of the record. This entirely instrumental album will appeal to adventurous rock and jazz aficionados everywhere [...] This quartet is unlike anything you've heard before. How often can you say you've encountered a truly unique act? Rarely. Here's one that qualifies." (Anil Prasad, music journalist and author of the best-selling book Innerviews: Music Without Borders)

"...Sonar's idiosyncratic sound world....once you are in, you don't want to leave..." (Nik Bärtsch, pianist and ECM recording artist)

"A really fascinating blend of art-rock, groove-based minimalism and abstract mathematical theory, all woven together to great effect" (John Schaefer, host of the superb New Sounds program, Radio WNYC, New York. Thanks to John for including a Sonar track on his New Sounds podcast from April 30th 2012 where he also competently talked in detail about the music and its background. Listen to the podcast

"An amazing band from Switzerland. Incredible live - this is visionary torch-bearing music performed by an exceptionally talented outfit" (Mike Chadwick, The Cutting Edge, Jazz FM, UK. Thanks to Mike for frequently playing Sonar tracks on his excellent Sunday evening program "The Cutting Edge")

"Beautifully disturbed clockwork...While there's the echoey cymbals and space between guitars, the bass is huge and warm, contrasting with the cold, and this coupled with the effortless polyrhythms draws the listener in... For a music that could be very cerebral, it has a warmth that communicates...Pointillistic rock... You have to experience it live for the full effect, with volume - to hear a beat combo unlike any other. Imagine Glenn Branca's guitar orchestra through the wrong end of a telescope... " (from Mike Bearpark's review of the SONAR concert at the Vortex in London (30 April 2013). Read the full review here)

"This (A Flaw of Nature) is released by Nik Bärtsch's label, and it has very obvious ties to Nik's esthetic, but this is more of a rock band. Think of it as a very stripped down Glenn Branca, Don Caballero or King Crimson crossed with heavy minimalistic moves and Present's "Promenade au Fond d'un Canal". Everything is perfectly calculated and precise; even the drum fills seem planned to move you slowly but inexorably towards whatever ultimate denouement this album is heading your towards. I have a huge love for minimalism and stuff that unfolds slowly, so bear that in mind, but I found this to be utterly fantastic. I can not recommend this highly enough.". (Steve Feigenbaum,

"I find it quite wonderful that four blokes armed with guitars, bass and drums can have seasoned old gits like us exploding with such joy and enthusiasm. First time I heard the samples of this band, it was like being a teenager and hearing that game changing music (whatever it might have been for any of us) for the first time". (Andy McDuffie, Hastings, UK)

"Especially live, the members of the group free themselves from the bonds of human logic to conjure up a narcotically intensive emotional world" (Hanspeter Küenzler, NZZ, 7.4.2012)

"What a joy, what a pleasure, what a discovery! A masterpiece of minimalist post rock with traces of jazz, magical guitar harmonics and a deep and overwhelming bass" (Vasilis Pavlidis, music portal, Athens, Greece)

"In concert the band's secret weapon is Christian Kuntner whose bass work prowls beneath the twittering canopy of harmonics like some pensive big cat on the look out for a bite. Phenomenal touch". (Sid Smith, music journalist and writer, UK)

"With the guitars and bass tuned to tritones, there's a semi-dissonant, challenging quality to the constellations of plucked harmonics that chime in orbit around each other. They create interlocking, overlapping and polyrhythmic meters, reminiscent of the early minimalist microworlds of Steve Reich and the 80s-era gamelan rock of King Crimson [...] Sonar's music firmly locates the group as a glisteningly brilliant node on the continuum of the Swiss minimalist scene alongside the pioneering work of saxophonist Don Li and the ritual groove of Nik Bärtsch" (Sid Smith, from the sleeve notes of the CD)

"Experimental, minimalist, instrumental post/math rock. Simply hypnotic. Specially tuned guitars produce an unusual harmonic sound. The more I listen, the more I like this album. Pretty awesome actually." (Ian Greatorex,, A Flaw of Nature was one of his top albums of 2012)

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Peter Thelen, A Flaw of Nature (CD review),, December 6th, 2013

Ian Greatorex, Sonar live at the Vortex,, 2 May 2013

Mike Bearpark, Sonar live at the Vortex, May 2013

Denise Kronabitter, Ordered Chaos of Forms, Liechtensteiner Vaterland, 28 Jan 2013

Helmut Dworschak, Im Möbius-Loop, Der Landbote, 29. November 2012

Christoph Merki, Stephan Thelen erkundet das Teufelsintervall, Tages Anzeiger, 26. Mai 2012

Frank von Niederhäusern, Formelhafter Sound mit Tiefgang, Kulturtipp, May 2012

Rob Hughes, Swiss post-rockers trance themselves dizzy, Prog Magazine #26, May 2012

Hanspeter Küenzler, Musik à la Pythagoras, NZZ, 7. April 2012

Filip Dingerkus,, June 2011

I N T E R V I E W S    &    F E A T U R E S:

George Grella, Swiss Beats, The Brooklyn Rail, July 2018.

Anil Prasad, Wild Abandon, Interview with David Torn and Stephan Thelen,, March 2018.

Robert Steven Silverstein ( spoke with Stephan Thelen about Black Light.

Igloo Magazine Sonic Exposure::Sonar, September 2015.

Guitar Player Magazine, Minimalist Mavericks, August 2014.

Robert Steven Silverstein ( spoke with Stephan Thelen about Static Motion.

Anil Prasad, Recasting the Rock Groove,, 2014.

Anil Prasad, Infinite Power,, January 2014.

Kim Longin (Ronin Rhythm Records) spoke with Stephan Thelen and Bernhard Wagner about Sonar's music and its background.

Robert Steven Silverstein ( spoke with Stephan Thelen about A Flaw of Nature.

T E X T S    A N D    L I N E R    N O T E S :

TRANCEPORTATION: liner notes by Sid Smith

TRANCEPORTATION: press release (RareNoise Records)

VORTEX (RareNoiseRecords Press Release)

BLACK LIGHT (Cuneiform Press Release)

BLACK LIGHT: THE ONGOING EVOLUTION OF ANOMALIES (Black Light sleeve notes, by John Kelman)

STATIC MOTION (Cuneiform Press Release, January 2014, by Jim Allen)

VERTICAL TIME (Static Motion sleeve notes, by Anil Prasad)

SONAR WAVES (A Flaw of Nature sleeve notes, by Sid Smith)


SONAR'S INFLUENCES by Stephan Thelen